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TextStation Design: Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateway Integration

No doubt, accepting payment is one thing that concerned most business owners. Those who are running a brick and mortar business do not find much issue with it compare to their counterparts who are planning to run an online e-commerce store. So how do you accept payment online safely and securely with an affordable solution without burning holes in your pocket ?

The answer is by using online payment gateway (or payment processor).

Payment gateway, as most online entrepreneurs are aware is an online system that allowed customer to pay seller via credit cards safely and reliably through website or online store. It is basically equivalent to a physical credit card terminal located in most retail outlets nowadays.

Payment gateway definitely plays an important role in today's e-commerce business for seller to accept payment instantly from the internet. From customer point of view, It also provides a mean that simplify the payment process. Without the existence of payment gateways, it would mean a huge challenge for the ecommerce industry.

Some of the popular international payment gateway included Paypal, 2CO (2Checkout), Worldpay, and many more. In Malaysia, iPay88 and WEBCASH are probably one of the most popular, trusted and widely used payment gateway. If you are one of the regular internet shoppers, you could have probably used iPay88 to make online payment without realising it :)

Typical transaction fee charged by various online payment gateway are ranging from 3.3% – 4.5% depending on the payment gateway company.