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Company Profile/Business Presentations

When we think of business presentations, most of us think of a linear presentation, delivered face-to-face. Some people confuse a presentation with the slides alone, or with a speech – but for most of us, a business presentation means a presenter presenting with visuals – usually PowerPoint slides.

1000s of business presentations are delivered each day. Yet, incredibly, most people using PowerPoint aren’t delivering effective business presentations; many presentations each day fail to meet their objectives.

The problem? Bullet points don’t work. They don’t engage the audience. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your bullet point slides are – if the audience can just read for themselves, they won’t listen to the presenter. Take away the bullet points and what’s left is a speech. There have been many great speeches over the years – but for explaining complex ideas and making business messages stick – well designed visuals make all the difference.

Most business presentations aren’t memorable. They look the same. They sound the same. Poor structure. Too long. Too boring. And if a business presentation isn’t engaging, and it isn’t memorable, how can it be effective? The key to an effective presentation isn’t design, but psychology and pedagogy. Pretty pictures are only the start.

An effective business presentation should be like the TV weather – with presenter and visuals working perfectly together to convey information clearly. And an effective business presentation should be like a great film – telling a story that sticks in the mind.

Business presentations are the bedrock of what m62 does. Linear presentation, delivered face-to-face. Great slides. Confident presenter. We have written 1000s of them. Designed hundreds of thousands of slides. We design great PowerPoint – in PowerPoint, making our presentations editable and reusable.

Sales presentations. Marketing presentations. Investor presentations. Conference presentations. Training presentations. Whatever your needs, if you have a business presentation to deliver, we can help make it effective.